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A New Day

It’s time for a new direction in the Pennsylvania State Senate.

For too long now the Republican majority, led by its Tea Party members, has sought to take us backward.  It cut billions from our public schools, colleges and universities, making it harder for the next generation to realize its dreams.  It tried to deprive our towns of the power to protect us from harm to the environment and passed legislation that would have given industry the power to regulate itself when it comes to protecting our natural resources.  It passed laws to make it harder for women to have access to needed healthcare and tried to erode a woman’s right to choose.

It’s time for a change.

I am running for the Senate in the 10th District here in Bucks County to help bring a New Day to Harrisburg.  We can do that by enacting policies that Rebuild Our Economy, Strengthen Our Communities and Protect Our Democracy.

Living Room Conversations

Steve is running a campaign that puts the focus squarely on you, the voters, and your concerns. Politicians spend too much time talking about themselves and too little time listening to and talking about the issues that matter most to their constituents.

Our Living Room Conversations series offers a chance for the voters to meet Steve, voice their concerns, and ask him questions.

Want to share your story with Steve? Want to introduce Steve to your family, friends, and neighbors? Want to hear about Steve’s vision for Pennsylvania?


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March for Our Lives - Doylestown

Live in Doylestown for the March for our Lives.

Posted by Steve Santarsiero for PA Senate on Saturday, March 24, 2018