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Education and Jobs

As a former teacher, Steve supports greater funding for education (pre-K through college and workforce training). Investments in education improve people’s quality of life, create much higher returns for the state over time as our economy expands, and help local school districts hold the line on property taxes, which helps homeowners of all ages.

That’s why Steve was proud to vote for this year’s state budget, which made historic investments in Pennsylvania’s education system. He was also proud to fight against proposed cuts in funding for the University of Pittsburgh, a fight that he won (Pitt and the other state-related and state universities received an increase in state funding this year).

Steve has also worked to bring new jobs and growth to Bucks County. In late 2020, he helped amend state law to revive the Opportunity Zone at the old US Steel Mill in Falls Township. As a result, the North Point Corporation went forward with its multi-billion project at the site, developing a regional distribution center and cleaning up contamination from the old mill. The project will create about 8,000 construction jobs and over 10,000 permanent jobs when built out. It will truly transform the economy of Lower Bucks County and the region.

At the same time, Steve has succeeded in securing over $6 million in funding for local bio tech companies and organizations. That funding will help create jobs that pay well right here in Bucks County and make us a leader in the field of biotech research and development.

Finally, as our State Senator Steve has brought millions of dollars in infrastructure projects from roads to water and sewer work that will make Bucks County more competitive.

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