Rebuilding Our Economy

As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to focus on education and job training to prepare people to enter the workforce. As a father of three and former teacher, I know how important it is that we invest in our educational system to help people get better jobs and higher wages. It starts in early childhood, continues through the primary and secondary levels and runs through college and job training.

  • Early Childhood Education: We must make early childhood education a priority because it improves outcomes later in life, which benefits all of us.
  • Public Schools: Our public schools do great work.  They need our support so that they can do even more to prepare our children for the economy of the 21st
  • College Affordability: We can and must make college more affordable so that students and their families are not left with crushing debt.
  • A New Job-Training Infrastructure: We need to partner our community colleges and vocational schools with the private sector to create a job training infrastructure that is available for workers throughout their careers so that their skills can quickly adapt to the demands of the marketplace.