Protecting Our Democracy

For our democracy to work, its institutions have to function.  We need to support and nourish those institutions.

  • An End to Gerrymandering: We need to stop the practice whereby elected officials pick their voters.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.  I support SB22 and HB722 which both call for a non-partisan commission to decide congressional and state legislative lines.
  • Campaign Finance Reform: It’s beyond time to reform the way money influences politics in our state.  We need to adopt a system that is more transparent and reduces the influence of large corporations on our elections.
  • Voting and Elections: Let’s make it easier for people to vote, not harder.  I support early voting and voting by mail.  Both have worked in other states; they can work here too.
  • Protecting a Free Press: In the last year, the press has come under increasing attack.  Our democracy cannot exist without an informed electorate and the press plays a pivotal role in that regard.  I will always speak out for a free press and as a member of the PA Senate will only support the nomination of officials and judges who share that point of view.